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  • How about a nice starting post for the general forums, whats your current favorite song and why? (although I doubt you haven't already been asked this)

    I've been listening to a more diverse selection of Citypop thanks to this website so mine has been changing a lot, but currently I'm really in love with Tuxedo Connection by Hitomi Tohyama

    I really enjoy it for its use of background call and response vocals. My favorite band, Electric Light Orchestra (not citypop) consistently uses call and response for the majority of its music, which has made me find an appreciation for the technique in pretty much every other genre. Tuxedo Connection also has a really nice funky beat, which never fails to pick up my mood and get my shoulders swaying.

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  • Right now I'm in love with Crystal City by Junko Ohashi, its just got such a wonderful feel and tone to it. Either that or 'Made in Japan' simply for its godlike album art

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  • I've got Ayumi Nakamura's Fair Child on repeat. I love myself some Rock.

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  • Nice to hear you liked it YuRi0

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  • Kazushi Inamura 'Heat Island' is a superb citypop album. Every song is quality, and Inamura has such a stylish coolness to his voice.

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  • My favorite City Pop song is actually Bomber by Tatsuro Yamashita. There's just so many layers to what makes that song awesome I can talk about it for hours.

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